I like TV. Probably why over the winter I always pack on a few pounds. The problem is, this year was a letdown. This spring I didn’t look back saying “wow, I was entertained” nor did I convince myself that I had witnessed a great television season, I said instead, “damn I gained this weight for nothing.”

I can imagine there were many tv viewers who felt the same way I did. That their favorite shows disappointed in a variety of ways. In an effort to try and reach out to my fellow viewer, and calling upon your expertise as a fan of some once-great shows, here are eight television shows that were once fantastic but became a total disappointment. The way these shows went, I nearly lost all hope. Did you find the same things I did?

Game of Thrones

My often warm and comforting blanket, Game of Thrones, wasn’t here for me this year. Can you get “blue” eyeballs from missing a show? I think it might be the best show ever made but it left me with too many cliffhangers.

Fans are being abandoned for over a year wondering what is going to happen with the wall. Like this big brick of ice has been a background storyline for years and now when it actually matters we don’t see what becomes of it? Or, what about that one badass dragon, which is now a bad guy? Explain that one to me.

There’s Jamie, who finally saw through a sister who is supposedly bringing an army over to kill all her enemies and there were correct fan theories floating around for years that Jon is the true and rightful King. Wait until they find that out after banging on her boat! Let’s be honest we all knew Jon would be back when he was murdered, so really there weren’t spoilers but now for another year I have to avoid spoilers. This show has a way of making a person go insane!!

All I can say is after a year off, those last six episodes we were promised better be amazing!